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WILDERNESS EDUCATION: Indoor Evening Classes: $35/Person   Outside Day Classes: $75/Person   Combination Classes $100/Person

FORMAL LAND NAVIGATION: MGRS/UTM Training With Plotting And Azimuth Emphasis. This course is designed for the needs of the professional. All forms of navigation are taught with students in the field. Night navigation with field course available upon request. This course is designed to meet the standards of Military and Law Enforcement. $150/Person/Day      (Overnight Fees May Apply)

STAYING FOUND CLASS: This class will give you the skills to go hiking in confidence. We start with the basics and build from there. We teach you to develop awareness in your surroundings, the basic use of a map and compass, and the proper clothing and gear to get you out and back on your adventure.  2 hr. Indoor Instruction - 4 hr. Outside Practical - $150/Person

    So, There I Was Class: A great epic story begins with you coming back. This class will give you the confidence you need when things go wrong in the outdoors. Learn the basics of first aid, what items to carry with you into the field and how to use them. This course could save your life!     2 hr. indoor instruction - 4 hr. Outside Practical - $150/Person

GENERAL GUIDING: Full Day - $150/Person  Half Day - $100/Person
SURVIVAL CLASSES:These Classes Are Designed for Each Individual Student(s) And Are Therefore By Appointment Only. Some survival equipment is required by each student. Equipment may be purchased by the student or arranged for purchase thru J.O.E.s - $200/Person/Day+Equipment

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: THIS IS A MUST TAKE CLASS! This class provides the basis for today's urban emergency survival. Don't let disasters put your life in danger. Learn what steps to take now to keep you and your loved ones safe in times of trouble. You don't get to choose when disaster strikes. Prepare now! About 4 hours. By Appointment - $200/Person - Couples/$150Ea. 

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*Prices do not include rentals