Instructor Bio

 Dave Weeks:                                                                                                                         

    I began my outdoor life as a Boy Scout where I developed a great
appreciation for the wild places. When I started climbing at 12 and took my
first 50 mile hike a year later, the outdoors became my life. I have enjoyed long stints in the outdoors of up to 60 days at a time. Once doing a circumnavigation of the Wind River range solo, a 70 mile cross country venture in the Grand Canyon and numerous solo big wall climbs in Zion National Park.
    I spent much of my free time living/studying with Native American and Central American tribes. Having learned their ways of life, death and spirituality have been a great joy in my life.
    Climbing, caving, hiking and canyoneering have been a passion in my life sense a young age. Alpine walls, desert canyons, dark wet caverns and forested lands are my playground. The world offers such diversity in the outdoors it's impossible to get bored in this sports lifestyle. Being able to push your limits both physically and mentally and overcoming those obstacles we perceive is the reason I love living an outdoor life.
    I've traveled around the country working as a contract guide. I've worked hunting, fishing river/lake canoe trips mostly in Minnesota,
Wyoming and Montana. I worked sight seeing tours involving Manatee
in Florida.  In my native Southwest I've worked as a climbing and
hiking guide for years at the local climbing gym and resorts. I love
to explore the Canyons of the Colorado Plateau the Sky Island Ranges and
the Deserts of the Southwest
     I've worked in management in various types of businesses from the
time I was a teen, having humble beginnings in car washes,toy stores
and pizza shops. I've worked in a local machine shop for 8 years,
taking guiding jobs on the weekends and when time permitted.
I've also had a long association with the Summit Hut in Tucson, 
a leader in speciality outdoor retail.
    I obtained my Wilderness First Responder  certification in 2005 and
have continued to take courses in Sports Injury Management,
Wilderness First Aid and CPR.
    In my spare time I teach Yoga and Meditation as a certified instructor.
I've been fortunate enough to have studied meditation in many settings. The
Temple of la Gendronniere in France, Zen Mountain Monastery in New York and the Shasta Monastery in California have given me great growth experiences and periods of renewal. My journey to Yoga was thru injury. I was looking to repair the excesses of a sports life.  Yoga was a gift of more than just bodily renewal, but Spiritual as well. 
    I enjoy learning martial arts, especially Wing Chun. The study of which gives me a great centering in the chaotic world around me. 
    Being able to be in the moment, no matter the content, is a gift we can all enjoy. 
    My love of living and a wanting to share the knowledge passed on to me,
is a driving force in my life. 
    Be it physical, mental or spiritual, the call of the outdoors 
gives so much to so many. 
    It is my wish to be there for those who have the desire and
need to learn.